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Helping people and businesses achieve their financial objectives through integrated and holistic advice on investments, retirement, insurance, and taxes.

Helping employers offer the best retirement plans.

Your retirement planning and investment partner.

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About us

We are CPAs, Financial Advisors, Insurance Specialists, and Benefits Consultants, providing independent and unbiased advice. We are proud to be fiduciaries, committed to serving your best interests.

Our Partners

Our clients custody with some of the largest financial institutions in the United States.


Charles Schwab

Individuals & Retirement Plans


Individuals & Retirement Plans

TD Ameritrade

Retirement Plans

Individuals & Families

We are fiduciary advisors committed to serving your best interests. We never accept kick-backs, trade commissions, or sell you proprietary products. Here's how we help:

services include

Investment Management

Active management for your investments.

Financial Planning

Helping you plan for the future.

Retirement Plans

We help employers offer the best possible defined contribution plans to employees. Here is how we can help:

3(38) & 3(21) Fiduciary Services: Reducing liability for employers by taking over plan investment selection and reporting.

Provider Selection: Helping employers select plan providers to reduce cost and offer the best experience to employees.

Portfolio Advisory Service: We offer investment management and financial planning to your employees, helping reduce common mismanagement issues and increasing participation.

You are in good hands

Are you a participant of a retirement plan and recently met us during an education seminar?

Your employer engaged us to help you with planning for retirement and selecting the investments held within your plan. Retirement and financial planning are now a free benefit included in your company's program.

Why work with us

How we are different than your current advisor

We never make money on commissions or "kickbacks"

Many advisors make money on under the table agreements with fund companies and selling proprietary investments.

At Harman Rogowski & Associates we are 100% fee based and never accept commissions, sell proprietary products, or accept "kickbacks" from fund companies. By not accepting other forms of compensation we can design portfolios with only one metric in mind: what is in the best interests of our clients.

Is your advisor a fiduciary?

... Or are they only following a suitability standard of care?

Many financial advisors follow a suitability standard of care. This means they are not obligated to provide advice that is in your best interests, as long as the advice is suitable. A fiduciary is legally obligated to provide advice that is in your best interests. At Harman Rogowski & Associates we are always held to a fiduciary standard of care.

Our Pricing

Financial Planning

Helping you build a plan for your financial future. Online access to an interactive planning software.

Advisor guided financial planning experience

Online access to an interactive financial planning software

Online vault to store financial plan and other important financial docs

Annual financial plan update with your advisor

free for clients

Investment Management

Investment management for your IRAs, 401(k)s, brokerage account, trusts and other accounts

Discretionary management by a licensed fiduciary advisor

Your accounts are held by a third-party custodian, Charles Schwab

Portfolio comprised of stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, and REITs

Quarterly meeting with your financial advisor to review your account

1% fee/ year

Other Services

We provide the following additional services to individuals & families, employers, and corporations.

3(21) & 3(38) fiduciary services to defined contribution plans

On-site group employee financial education seminars

Tax planning services with a CPA and financial advisor

Other financial services available upon request

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Are you an independent financial advisor?


Yes. While we work with Charles Schwab, Fidelity, and TD Ameritrade we are completely independent from these firms. You an rest easy knowing you are receiving unbiased advice from a fiduciary advisor.


Do you provide tax and account services?


Harman Rogowski & Associates can provide tax planning services. Tax preparation and accounting services are offered through a separate partner entity, John Harman CPA PLLC.


What are your fees for investment management?


We charge a 1% fee per year (billed quarterly) on the total amount of investments we are managing. For example, to manage a $10,000 IRA we would deduct a $25 fee directly from your account each quarter.

Our Executive Team

Meet the Harman Rogowski & Associates executive team.

John Harman CPA
Managing Partner
Daniel Rogowski
CEO & Managing Partner
Kevin Dias CPA MBA
Chief Operations Officer
Miranda Crowell MS MBA
Chief Financial Officer
Bill Budke
Vice President Wealth Management
Donna Bokaie
Vice President Insurance

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