Guiding your financial growth with data-driven insights, for a future rich in possibilities.

Investing with Insight

Dedicated to helping our clients make informed investment decisions and allocation strategies by harnessing the power of data analytics. Join us on a journey where your financial future is shaped by smart, data-powered choices, ensuring your investments thrive and prosper.

Alternative investments
Fiduciary standard of care
Tax-optimized portfolios
Actively managed portfolios
Independent unbiased advice
No proprietary products

Data-Driven Insights for Plan Sponsors

With our 3(21) services, we provide advice and recommendations on investment options within retirement plans, acting as co-fiduciaries alongside plan sponsors. Our 3(38) services grant us discretionary authority to manage plan assets, making investment decisions, and selecting, monitoring, and replacing investments. This relieves plan sponsors of significant fiduciary responsibilities and ensures professional management of plan assets.

Fund menu optimization
Provider RFPs & selection
Participant education
Monitoring & benchmarking
Model portfolios

Financial Analytics Consulting

We transform complex financial data into clear, actionable insights. Our services include performance analysis, trend forecasting, risk assessment, and profitability optimization, all tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

Strategic Tax Planning

Our strategic tax planning services focus on optimizing your financial situation through proactive measures, identifying deductions, and implementing tax-saving strategies tailored to your unique needs. Learn more about Harman CPAs.

Plan today, secure tomorrow

Financial planning guided by data-driven insights, creating tailored strategies that anticipate and shape your financial future.

  • Tailored to individual or business needs.
  • Deep tax integration.
  • Ongoing assessment and adjustment to stay on track.
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Alternative Investments

Alternative investments offer unique opportunities beyond traditional stocks and bonds. These assets can provide higher returns, portfolio diversification, and reduced risk due to their low correlation with traditional markets. While they may carry higher risks and require more expertise, alternative investments present valuable opportunities for enhancing investment strategies.

  • Private Equity
  • Structured Notes
  • Private Credit