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Financial Markets
2024 Market Outlook: Industry Insights
The 2024 stock market and economic forecasts from leading financial firms like J.P. Morgan, Charles Schwab, Goldman Sachs, and Merrill Lynch present a cautiously optimistic yet varied outlook. Key predictions include a slowdown in U.S. economic growth in early 2024, with a recovery expected in the latter half, and overall positive, albeit slow, GDP growth. Inflation is anticipated to decrease, prompting potential interest rate cuts in the latter half of 2024. Equity markets might face challenges, with a focus on quality stocks and sectors like technology, financials, energy, and defense. Fixed income is expected to offer steady income and diversification as bond yields peak and trend downwards. The outlook is shaped by factors like geopolitical tensions, higher-for-longer interest rates, and the 2024 U.S. presidential election, influencing market volatility and investment decisions. Overall, the strategy emphasizes quality, diversification, and a close watch on macroeconomic indicators and geopolitical developments.
September 6, 2023
Financial Markets

Asset Class Outlook


Goldman Sachs: Limited upside for stocks in 2024, with the S&P 500 expected to close at 4,700, reflecting a modest increase. The focus is on "high quality" stocks and beaten-down cycle plays​​​​.

J.P. Morgan: Anticipates a challenging year for equities with modest earnings growth (2-3%) and geopolitical risks weighing on the outlook. S&P 500 price target is set at 4,200, with a downside bias​​​​.

Charles Schwab: Emphasizes quality companies with strong cash flow, and sees potential outperformance in stocks with low price-to-cashflow ratios, particularly in the financials and energy sectors​​.

Fixed Income:

Merrill Lynch: Projects bond yields peaking and potentially trending downward in 2024. High-quality, investment-grade bonds are expected to provide steady income and diversification​​.

Sectoral Insights


Goldman Sachs: Projects the Magnificent Seven (leading tech companies) to continue outperforming, although there are concerns about whether their successes are already priced in​​.

Consumer Discretionary:

Merrill Lynch: Warns that consumer discretionary stocks could underperform in 2024 due to pressure on consumer spending​​.

Defense and Energy:

Merrill Lynch: Highlights that persistent geopolitical tensions have led to higher defense spending, benefiting global defense companies and cybersecurity leaders. Elevated oil prices could support energy stocks and commodities​​.

Emerging Markets:

Charles Schwab: Less enthusiasm for emerging-market stocks, especially China and India, due to high valuations and economic challenges​​.

Geopolitical and Macro-Economic Factors

Global Economy:

J.P. Morgan: Expects U.S. and global growth to slow by the end of 2024, with geopolitical risks and national elections in 40 countries, including the U.S., contributing to market volatility​​.

Inflation and Interest Rates:

J.P. Morgan: Forecasts stubborn inflation to keep rates higher-for-longer, with a 25-45% chance of recession by the second half of 2024​​.

Merrill Lynch: Advises investors to get used to higher-for-longer interest rates, impacting economies and financial markets​​.

Investment Strategy Recommendations


Merrill Lynch: Emphasizes the importance of discipline and diversification across asset classes and industries, focusing on long-term themes like the intersection of technology and healthcare, and automation and robotics​​.

Quality Focus:

Goldman Sachs and Charles Schwab: Recommend focusing on high-quality stocks with strong balance sheets and good cash flows​​​​.

Risks and Uncertainties

Recession Risks:

J.P. Morgan: Indicates that avoiding recession has become consensus thinking, but yield curve inversion signals high recession risk for most of 2024​​.

Geopolitical Developments:

Merrill Lynch and Charles Schwab: Highlight ongoing geopolitical tensions as a key factor influencing market volatility and investment decisions​​​​.

In conclusion, the consensus investment outlook for 2024 is cautious with a focus on quality investments, diversification, and a close eye on macroeconomic indicators and geopolitical developments. While equity markets may see limited upside, there is an emphasis on sectors like technology, financials, energy, and defense, with a wary approach towards consumer discretionary and emerging markets. The fixed income market appears to be stabilizing, offering opportunities for steady income. Investors are advised to be mindful of the risks of higher interest rates and potential recession, while capitalizing on long-term investment themes.

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