Your 401(k) Partner.

We work with you to reduce fiduciary liability, select plan investments, offer employee education and make decisions on plan providers. The result is an optimized program for you and your employees.

fiduciary liability

For you...

Most plan sponsors don't realize the amount of liability they have. We serve you as a 3(38) fiduciary, accepting the liability from you for plan investments. We help you satisfy your obligations, including IPS, due diligence reports, menu selection and plan design.

We also assist you with provider selection, Fidelity bonding, and more to make sure your program is efficient and compliant.

plan participant services

For your employees...

Our service includes quarterly on-site participant education. We cover topics like retirement planning, investing, tax, credit and buying a home.

Employees also receive complimentary financial plans with an advisor and access to online planning software.

Our advisors and CPAs make sure your employees get the most out of your retirement plan program, and most importantly that they achieve positive financial outcomes.

Improving your 401(k)

Provider Selection

The Harman Rogowski & Associates team will also help you with conducting an RFP, comparing costs, and selecting the best retirement plan recordkeeper, TPA, and custodian. We have worked with most major retirement plan providers, including Charles Schwab, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, The Standard, Vanguard, Voya, Wells Fargo and others. We work to help you reduce costs where possible to make your plan the most efficient for your employees.

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3(38) Fiduciary

The Harman Rogowski & Associates team helps you navigate the complexities of offering a retirement plan, and helps to ensure your plan is running as efficiently as possible. Most importantly, we mitigate your liability by allowing you to "outsource" the investment risk to our organization as a 3(38) or 3(31) plan fiduciary.

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We work with your employees by offering free financial plans and a guided portfolio management program. In the guided program our licensed advisors and CPAs manage investment allocation and re-balancing for employees who "opt-in" to the service. By having a professional work with your employees you can mitigate many of the common investment mistakes your employees make,

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